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New website address

To keep up with the latest news and release info from Anya Howard please refresh your browser to or visit


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In print: Forbidden by Anya Howard

Forbidden by Anya Howard, now in large print edition from Red Rose Publishing!


Vicki’s feeling very horny for her husband; but he’s just so busy! So while hubby’s away, wifey will play…even if it’s just with herself with only the thought of him for inspiration.

But when Ethan comes home early and finds Vicki in the midst of her passions he decides its time for a lesson she won’t forget.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, BDSM, spanking

Follow this link to order your print copy of Forbidden by Anya Howard today

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Now in print

Called Isabeau by the staff of St. Bianca and by her friends, Elizabeth has lived a sheltered life in the French abbey finishing school of St. Bianca. Now Elizabeth is a grown woman, restless for the joys and experiences of adult life. The one brief love affair she has experienced turned out very badly, however, at the finishing school there are few opportunities for excitement. Very soon Elizabeth’s life will be changed forever- first by the introduction to the abbey’s stern new English teacher, M. Hunt. His disciplinary methods not only humble Elizabeth’s impertinence, but awaken passionate new feelings she hadn’t expected to erupt. There is also Count Danesti-a distant relative of Elizabeth’s. Danesti is dark, handsome, and alluring in every way a woman could hope for. His arrival comforts Elizabeth’s need to know about her dead parents, thus giving her hope to establish a connection with the rest of her biological family. Danesti has another motive for revealing himself to Elizabeth: the obsessive desire to claim her heart. Danesti will use whatever vampiric trick or enchantment at his avail to make that desire come true.

Published by Red Rose Publishing

ISBN-10: 1604358971

ISBN-13: 978-1604358971

More info & excerpt link

Purchase the paperback at Amazon

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Thank you, Marianne LaCroix

One of the greatest joys in life is finding out that you inspired another person’s creativity. Friend and author Marianne LaCroix brought me that joy today

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My interview at The Long and the Short Reviews site

I was recently interviewed at The Long and the Short Reviews website. During the interview I talked about erotic romance, the god Eros, cherry stem tying and even Curious George.  If you’d like to read my interview follow the link below

Long and the Short interview with Anya Howard

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Crime & Punishment by Anya Howard

On the news stands now-My story Crime & Punishment has been published in the April 2010 edition of Hustler Fantasies! Originally titled Hot Whipping Cream, this is a sizzling little story sure to please readers of domestic discipline fantasy. I hope you pick up a copy HF today, and enjoy reading Crime & Punishment as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙂

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Fresh Fiction reviews Submissive


I recently found out that Fresh Fiction had reviewed Submissive. Even better, the reviewer -Gabrielle Lee- really seemed to enjoy my erotic novel! The following is a snippet from Gabrielle’s review at the Fresh Fiction site.

“Gillian begins a long journey that takes her from hiding her wants to finding her heart’s content in showing her master her true feelings. Bruce soon finds that he tires of the easy and selfish woman he finds in this realm and longs for Gillian. Wishing that he had courted her back on Earth. Gillian has thoughts of the same nature herself as well. Pure coincidence has the two finding each other in this new world that they dwell in and through all the teachings and obstacles thrown at them they must fight for their love and for each other. SUBMISSIVE was an interesting read. Anya Howard takes the reader on a thrilling ride with lots of action and many a hot and intense scenes of pleasure. Keeping the reader engrossed all the way to the end of the story.”

Click here to read the rest at Fresh Fiction

Read more about Submissive

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Spotlight on Erotic Romance/Interview With Author Anya Howard

I was recently interviewed by Jade Blackmore for BlogTalkRadio and spoke about my Aphrodisia novel, Submissive. The interview is available for listening on the internet now at:

Spotlight on Erotic Romance/Interview With Author Anya Howard

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Devyn Quinn is giving away signed copy of Possession!

Devyn Quinn, author of Embracing Midnight and Men In Blue, is giving away a signed copy of her erotic romance novel, Possession. Here’s the info:


Enter the midnight world of Devyn Quinn, where passion has no limits and danger rules every desire…

Embrace The Dark Side

Opening a rare book on demons in an occult collection, Kendra Carter trembles before the powe she is about to unleash. A man like no other has been awakened, but is he more than human. From his first caress, Remi gives her incredible pleasure she’s never felt before…

Night after night, in his secret chamber, Kendra explores her most intimate and hottest sexual fantasies. His passion for her is a supernatural force. He controls her body. He steals her soul. He is her demon lover…

Kensington Aphrodisia

Coming September 09

More info:

Devyn Quinn is giving away a signed copy. To enter, must leave comment with email addy.

Update: This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to winner, Patricia K.! ~ Anya Howard

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Slums Off the Hollywood Boulevard reviews

Jade Blackmore has reviewed Sexy Beast VI and Submissive at The Slums Off Hollywood Boulevard!

Jade on Sexy Beast VI, “three skilled erotic romance authors, all experienced in paranormal, shapeshifter or fantasy stories, combine these elements with really hot sex scenes for a scintillating read.”

On Submissive, “Howard’s prose, even in the explicit scenes is impeccable.It makes the characters come alive You get a sense of their struggles and their true love for each other.Submissive is a romance where you root for the hero and heroine to get together.”

Read full reviews here


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